Sample Pack Plus


Discount Level Quantity Discount %
10% Volume Discount 2 - 3 10%
15% Volume Discount 4 - 5 15%
20% Volume Discount 6 + 20%


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Take a closer look at the materials we have available by purchasing our sample pack plus!

This is perfect for contractors who would like to have samples available to share with potential customers. It is the best way to see colors, textures, and more without seeing a completed floor.

Included in this pack is 1 decorative fan flake deck with many of the endless colors we have available, 1 decorative pigment fan deck with our available pigment colors, 1 quick reference guide which shares a brief description of what many of our materials are used for, 1 CFS company brochure to learn more about what we do, 2 CFS Flake Book Color Guides showcasing many color possibilities, 2 Epoxy/Urethane Color Charts with all of our available epoxy colors, 2 CFS-1C Polyaspartic Color Charts with all of our available Single Component Polyaspartic colors, 10 flake blend sample squares, and 19 solid color epoxy sample squares.

Each Sample Pack Plus includes the following:

1 Decorative Fan Flake Deck

1 Decorative Pigment Fan Deck

1 Quick Reference Guide

1 CFS Company Brochure

2 CFS Flake Book Color Guides

2 Epoxy / Urethane Color Charts

2 CFS-1C Polyaspartic Color Charts

10 Flake Blend Sample Squares

19 Solid Color Epoxy Sample Squares

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