Why Install An Epoxy Floor?

Superior Durability

Super Attractive

Amazing Value

Add beauty, durability and prestige to your floors. Epoxy floors not only provide a practical and durable surface, but they look amazing...get that high-end showroom look...anywhere!

Why Choose Epoxy

Epoxy Is 100% Versatile!

Epoxy floor coatings offer durable, attractive and affordable solutions for commercial and industrial concrete floors as well as residential garage floors. These coatings are available in a wide range of colors and surface textures. Epoxy coatings can be applied to new concrete or used to restore old worn out surfaces.

Epoxy floor coatings are easy to clean due to their high gloss finish and seamless application. These coatings can be applied at varying thicknesses, from thin penetrating to a high build, based on the final desired surface. 

Epoxy coatings work well in many different types of environments and can be customized to individual customer’s specific needs.

Application Types

Why Concrete Floor Solutions

Why buy from Concrete Floor Solutions? Concrete Floor Solutions is the nation’s foremost expert in epoxy flooring materials, installation tools and expertise. It’s all we do! Our proprietary epoxy blend is not found in stores. We keep our product affordable for any application by delivering direct to consumers and contractors. We have extensive on-the-job experience installing all of the materials available in our online store, and have experienced almost every job condition imaginable. We are committed to sharing these experiences and working personally with each and every customer to ensure their project needs are properly met.

When you want the highest quality epoxy floor covering available, made in the USA, backed by decades of experience and advice, and free shipping…there is only one choice…Concrete Floor Solutions!