Meet The Founders

Meet The Founders

Jason Kehnel

Jason started his career at a very young age growing up in a family-owned concrete pumping business, where his love for the concrete and construction industry began. In 1994 his passion for the industry and his desire to step out on his own lead him to create his own company. J. Kehnel Immediate Concrete Repair, incorporated in 1996. 
During the first few years of his new company Jason’s focus was on concrete repair and restoration work. As the business grew there became a greater demand for polished concrete and epoxy floor coatings. Jason followed that demand and began to add the necessary equipment the company needed to perform this work. With this new focus he also assisted in developing a new brand for the company which led to the creation of the new name, Concrete Floor Solutions. During this time, he also recognized that there was a need to find better quality epoxy materials. This led Jason to help develop the line of CFS epoxy materials that are available today to the general public.
Jason also put his creative talents towards developing a company YouTube channel. This was created to assist professionals and novice installers alike. The demand for quality epoxy materials spread throughout the country which led to the company transitioning from installation to becoming a national supplier of industry leading flooring materials.
Jason continues to lead Concrete Floor Solutions with his main focus on giving personalized customer service with a strong emphasis on instructing and educating people on the proper techniques of epoxy flooring installation. 
Meet The Founders

Jeff Heicklen


Jeff Heicklen joined Concrete Floor Solutions as Vice President/Co-Owner in 2005, bringing more than 20 years of customer service and business management experience. Prior to joining the company, he was responsible for the employee development, operational oversight and strategic sales growth, at both a regional and national level with two major retail companies.

In the more than seventeen years since joining Concrete Floor Solutions, Jeff has been a major contributor to the effective growth and transformation of the company. His focus on operational consistency, fiscal management and increased levels of customer service has allowed Concrete Floor Solutions to evolve into an industry leader.

Jeff’s ongoing responsibilities also include working closely with President Jason Kehnel, to manage the company’s current and future business goals and opportunities.