**To add a CUSTOM flake blend, choose CUSTOM in the FLAKE CHOICE dropdown. Choose up to four solid color flakes from the FULL SIZE DECORATIVE FLAKE BROCHURE (linked above). Add selections (number and name) to Order Notes during checkout.

Title Range Discount
10% Volume Discount 2 - 3 10%
15% Volume Discount 4 - 5 15%
20% Volume Discount 6 + 20%
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500 Sq. Ft. Economy Epoxy Flake Floor Kit



This kit is based on installing the CFS-low viscosity primer as your base coat so you get good adhesion to the concrete and broadcasting flake into the wet CFS-low viscosity primer. 

There is no intermediate coat included with this kit. 

Economy Epoxy Flake Floor Kit can cover up to 500 ft.² of floor, depending on the density and porosity of your concrete. If your concrete is soft or porous, square foot coverage may be reduced.

The pigmented  base coat is not 100%UV stable and may discolor in direct sunlight so full flake coverage is recommended.

500 Sq. Ft. Economy Epoxy Flake Floor Kit Includes

3 gallons CFS-Low Viscosity Primer. 10 mil thickness @ 166 sq.ft. per gallon coverage.

Blended flakes of your choice, available in 1/16″ | 1/8″ | 1/4″ 

Choice of optional topcoats-  None, (GOOD) 3 Gallons CFS-UV Clear Epoxy Top Coat (not 100% UV Stable), (BETTER) 1-1/2 Gallons CFS-High Performance Urethane (100% UV stable), (BEST) 3 gallons CFS-1C single component polyaspartic (100% UV stable)

1 pint tabular alumina non-skid additive (aluminum oxide) included with all topcoat options

3 Gallons CFS-UV Clear Epoxy Top Coat (not 100% UV Stable), easy to install, little to no odor. 10 mil thickness@ 166 sq.ft. per gallon

1-1/2 Gallons CFS-High Performance Urethane: Gloss, 100% UV stable, easy to install, high odor. 3-4 mil thickness * This is a thin mil topcoat and will not be as easy to clean as the CFS-UV Clear Epoxy Top Coat or the CFS-1C  Single component polyaspartic.

3 Gallons CFS-1C Polyaspartic: Single component, high gloss, 100% UV stable, slow set, very easy to install, 30-40 minute working time, high odor. 10 mil thickness @ 166 sq.ft. per gallon

380+ decorative flake options to choose from. Please call our office for assistance customizing your own blend.

Additional information


Tile Red, Beige, Off White, Charcoal Gray, Tan, Brown, Fazor Tan, SE Camel, Light Gray, Medium Gray, Dark Gray, Black, White, Lt. Blue, Blue, Green


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1/16", 1/8", 1/4" most popular


15 LBS. – Medium Flake, 30 LBS. – Heavy Flake, 50 LBS. – Full Flake


None, 3 Gallons CFS-UV Clear Epoxy (Gloss), 1-1/2 Gallons CFS-High Performance Urethane (Gloss), 3 Gallons CFS-1C Single Component Polyaspartic (Easy Install) (Gloss)


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