About us

Our mission

My name is Jason Kehnel, President of Concrete Floor Solutions. In 1994, I saw the need to start a company that could offer simple concrete repairs. Within the next few years our services grew into more advanced concrete repairs along with epoxy flooring installation. 

In 2005, Jeff Heicklen joined our company as Vice President and co-owner. The addition of Jeff would allow us to expand our company and offer even more services. During that period of growth, we found that the demand for concrete floor restoration services would continue to expand. We next added our concrete floor polishing service to address the growing demand. 

As we continued to assist concrete floor restoration customers, we found that we were getting a new request. That request was, our customers desire to purchase our materials directly.     

Since we had spent years utilizing and researching different types of materials, we felt it was the right time to develop our own product line to better meet our customer’s needs. The development of our online store has allowed us the opportunity to sell the same materials that we have been installing for many years directly to our customers. 

We have extensive on-the-job experience installing all of the materials available in our online store and have experienced almost every job condition imaginable. We are committed to sharing these experiences and working personally with each and every customer to ensure their project needs are properly met. 

Concrete Floor Solutions, Inc